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Mediterranean Gazpacho

Garden-fresh produce is about to come to an end in about 8 weeks here in North Texas.  So, here is another recipe to take advantage of the fleeting fresh flavors from the garden. The quality of ingredients is what will make this salad/soup it’s very best.  Those watery cucumbers from the supermarket will not produce […]

Sumac in the American Southwest

For so long, I have associated sumac berry with Middle Eastern cuisine.  The sour, dried berry is crushed and used as a souring element in countless dishes in many Eastern, African and Mediterranean countries. Last year I traveled to New Mexico with a friend from Jordan.  We were going to tour Carlsbad Caverns; my fourth […]

24 Karat Gold

With a name like Candy, you would have expected me to live up to my name by consuming a child’s worth of the confection everyday.  I certainly did my name justice in my youth, but I could have been found walking around with a carrot, celery stalk, or an apple just as often as a […]

A Farewell Feast to Summer Squash

The thought of a summer garden brings instantly to mind more than one vegetable.  Probably at the top of the list is the wonderful tomato which takes us through the heat of summer, only taking a break when the heat becomes extreme.  Tying for second place for me would be the cucumber and summer squash.  […]

Cool As a…(well, you know)

As summer winds down, we are already starting to miss the cool, sweet taste of homegrown cucumbers.  Those fat, watery atrosities coated in wax at the supermarket just don’t do the trick, unless they are sufficiently doused with salad dressing; and lots of it. So, let’s celebrate the coolest of veggies from the garden patch […]