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Rusty Taco

After spending the morning and half the afternoon blending spices, I was ready for something really good, but really fast.  A grab-and-go home style type of lunch.  Usually, “good” and “fast” never equate when it comes to food.  We associate the label “good” with meals that take some time to prepare.  And “fast”?  Well, you […]


King of Clubs

There have been books upon books written about sandwiches.  I even watched a show on PBS about nothing but sandwiches across this nation.  It proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a hand-held meal. My childhood was filled with lots of sandwiches; bologna, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, pimento cheese […]


Apple Blossom Time

The song made popular in the 1940’s sung by the Andrews Sisters, and many more since then, was about love, courtship and marriage.  We all know the end result of all that.  Spring, of course, is apple blossom time.   Autumn is the fruition of love and courtship between bees and flowers  Fruit is their offspring.  So, the […]


What We Like Best About Farmers Markets

The season for farmers markets has come to an end.  Most North Texas markets fold up for the year in October.  A few linger into November.  Since winters in this part of the country can be mostly pleasant, some markets remain through winter on a once-a-month, or twice-a-month schedule. For me and my spice business, […]