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Kids and Cookies

Children love cookies.  Let’s face it, before we can even grasp a spoon properly to feed ourselves, we instinctively pick up on clasping our fists around food for the purpose of shoving it into our mouths.  Children and hand-held foods just go together.  Kids also like to make cookies.  We have all spent some time […]


My First Cookbook

Here’s a review of my very first cookbook.  Daddy and I referred to it often when I was a little girl.  It’s Betty Crocker’s Outdoor Cook Book, ca. 1961 (the title and copyright page of mine are missing).  It also has damage to the spine from age and lots of use.  According to the prevailing […]

Cookies, Cookies, & More Cookies

The end of the year brings several holidays into our homes and communities.  Regardless of your religion, or wherever on this planet you may live, cookies seem to play into the festivities.  Sweets of any kind have always been a part of any celebration.  There was a time when sweeteners were expensive and hard to […]

Denton Eats

Denton, Texas is a well-fed town.  With a population of over 100,000 citizens plus around 50,00  students at the two universities, Denton has to step up and offer choice grub to a hungry population.  It is also a destination for an assortment of events during the year, so visitors from all over the world come […]


Cookbook Collecting

I once knew a girl who scoured garage sales and thrift shops for old cookbooks to cut up and turn into works of art.  You know–printed paper collages pasted to the odd object to produce a sculpture creation; lamps, book covers, Styrofoam heads, vases and such.  Her creations were interesting, but nowhere great.  None of […]