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Toasting Dried Chilies

Some recipes using dried, whole chile pods are going to direct you to toast them first.  This only takes a few minutes and is well worth that extra bit of time.  Subjecting the chilies to the heat of a griddle prior to use activates the flavors.  Toasting will deepen the richness of the sauce or […]


Rotisserie Chicken Deconstructed

A really great meal to pick up on the way home when cooking is just out of the question is supermarket deli rotisserie chicken.  Add to it some sides from the offerings in the deli case, or step outside that box and choose an assortment of tasty things to serve along with that roasted bird. […]


Instructions For Using Dried Mushrooms

Where is a good, fresh mushroom when you need one?  At the store, or in the forest behind the house, usually.  Either way, not at a convenient place on this busy day when you decide you could, after all, cook a nice dinner for the family.  This is the time when your well-stocked pantry yields […]