Denton Spice Company is a North Texas based processor of dried herbs and spices.

Products include:

  • 190+ spices and seasoning blends
  • Cut, ground, and whole spices
  • Generous selection of house blended seasonings
  • Denton Signature Collection of seasoning blends
  • An international selection of pickling spice blends

Spices and blends are ground and blended weekly in small batches to insure freshness.

Product quality:

Many of our products come from farms and processing facilities and warehouses that are part of the USDA organic certification process.  These will be labeled “organic”.  The remainder, not labeled “organic”, have been sourced through distributors who adhere to fair, ethical and sustainable practices, most of which are grown without the aid of chemicals.

Some spice blends contain sugar and/or salt and are labeled as such.  No MSG is used in our products; never ever!  Our herbs and spices are non-irradited and non-GMO.  Products containing common allergens are clearly labeled.  People with severe allergies should be aware that all of our products come from other facilities that may not be free of known allergens.

Our own facility is not free from cross-contamination with allergens even though thorough sanitation procedures are followed to reduce this risk.

We cannot guarantee that sesame seeds, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk, egg, fish or shellfish have not come in contact with our products.

Product packaging:

All spices and herbs are packaged in resealable plastic bags.

Ground spices and extremely strong, whole spices are packaged in re-sealable foil-lined bags, which offer an extra layer of protection.