Rotisserie Chicken Deconstructed

A really great meal to pick up on the way home when cooking is just out of the question is supermarket deli rotisserie chicken.  Add to it some sides from the offerings in the deli case, or step outside that box and choose an assortment of tasty things to serve along with that roasted bird. […]


Instructions For Using Dried Mushrooms

Where is a good, fresh mushroom when you need one?  At the store, or in the forest behind the house, usually.  Either way, not at a convenient place on this busy day when you decide you could, after all, cook a nice dinner for the family.  This is the time when your well-stocked pantry yields […]


Roadfood, Please

Last year, I drove to Bowie, Texas to visit the Bowie Trade Days, held the weekend preceding the second Monday of every month.  It is the usual flea market/trade day that traces it’s history back to simple times in rural America when money was scarce and the barter system thrived. There were stalls indoors and […]


A Culinary Marriage

EAST MEETS WEST seasoning is an unusual blend to find on the market; yet, the combination of Asian spices and European herbs is nothing new.  Eastern Europe was a culinary mid-point in the history of cuisines and the spice trade.  Arab traders brought exotic, aromatic spices Westward where they were gradually added to the spice […]


Sushi and Saki at Mr. Chopsticks

The truth be known, I probably pulled up roots, sold the farm and moved to Denton just so I would be in the same neighborhood and within walking distance of Mr. Chopsticks.  It was love at first bite, so many years ago. This wonderful restaurant is billed as Pan Asian, which is defined as a […]


Hungarian Rhapsody

If I were to form an opinion about Hungarian cuisine based on a cookbook purchased at a flea market some years ago, I might think of the food from that country to be limited to meats served in sour cream and paprika, along with cabbage, beets, dill weed, and more sour cream and paprika.  Most […]


Hungarian Goulash Spice Blend

Hungarian Goulash Blend is a versatile mix of Eastern European spices and herbs that have been used for centuries in that part of the world, and will complement meats, vegetables and beans in your 21st Century kitchen. Used in braised meats and rich stews, the cuisine of the Balkans, Hungary and Czechoslavakia come to life […]


The Eggplant and I

Since I did not grow up eating eggplant, it’s journey into my diet started in adulthood as my cooking and gardening took me to many places. Solanum melongena, a member of the poisonous nightshade family of plants, is also a close relative to tomatoes, potatoes, garden peppers such as sweet bell and the hotter varieties, […]


Liquid Rubies

One of the best-kept secrets in America is the wonderfulness of pomegranate molasses, or pomegranate syrup.  It is the boiled down juice of pomegranate fruit, which is very much in health watch news these days.  This jewel of the Middle East and Mediterranean region is so very easy to find these days in the United […]


Winter Warmers

Now that the holiday season and all it’s overindulgence is behind us, winter sets in and we feel the need for basic, warming comfort foods.  Escaping from the cold into a warm home fragrant with the rich aromas of hot foods takes the chill from our bones, and makes the world right.  A good, slow-braised […]