Love in a Mist in Denton

There is a lovely garden in my neighborhood that has a bountiful selection of shrubs and flowers.  I pass it every time I walk to the square or to my bank.  Even though I have passed this garden countless times over the years, there is usually something new to discover. A  Magnolia soulangiana anchors this corner […]

The Road to Pickle Town

There seems to be a lot of fear surrounding the mystery of making pickles.  There is no mystery, so don’t be fearful.  Making pickles is time-consuming, yes; but, easy.  It’s just produce in a solution.  Processing is a basic step-by-step journey to bring you to the end of a rainbow; one filled with beautiful jars […]

Just Say “No”!

For the past three years, one of my missions when heading to the grocery store is to purchase drug-free meats.  That is, meats that were produced and brought to market without the random use of antibiotics and growth hormones.  These adulteries do not go away when the meat is cooked.  You ingest them and now […]

The Magnificent Meatloaf

Meatloaf ranks in the top five of America’s favorite comfort foods.  It is usually accompanied with one of the other two on the list; either mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.  There must be a million ways to prepare meatloaf; some good, some great and some just plain awful.  I’ve had them all. Meatloaf has European origins all […]


Rack ’em Up!

Every week, someone asks me one of two questions:  “Candy, what do you store your spices in?” or, “Candy, what does your spice rack look like?”  So, here is a picture of my spice rack!  It stands 4 feet tall and is almost 20 inches wide.  It isn’t very deep, which makes it perfect for […]

Star Anise

This month’s star on the spice rack is Star Anise.  With today’s celebrity chefs introducing us to foods and ingredients we’ve never heard of before, most people in America have heard of star anise.  It’s use in our kitchens is growing, especially with healthier diets leading the way to changes in our kitchens.  Star anise […]