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Toasting Dried Chilies

Some recipes using dried, whole chile pods are going to direct you to toast them first.  This only takes a few minutes and is well worth that extra bit of time.  Subjecting the chilies to the heat of a griddle prior to use activates the flavors.  Toasting will deepen the richness of the sauce or […]


Instructions For Using Dried Mushrooms

Where is a good, fresh mushroom when you need one?  At the store, or in the forest behind the house, usually.  Either way, not at a convenient place on this busy day when you decide you could, after all, cook a nice dinner for the family.  This is the time when your well-stocked pantry yields […]

The Road to Pickle Town

There seems to be a lot of fear surrounding the mystery of making pickles.  There is no mystery, so don’t be fearful.  Making pickles is time-consuming, yes; but, easy.  It’s just produce in a solution.  Processing is a basic step-by-step journey to bring you to the end of a rainbow; one filled with beautiful jars […]