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Oyster Mushrooms from Tree Folk

Marvelous Mushrooms

Two days before Thanksgiving, I needed cream and yogurt.  My path through The Cupboard Natural Grocery in Denton, Texas took me from the dairy case, with selections in hand, over to the produce section to see if there might be some golden beets and fennel bulbs to go in the roasted, mixed vegetables I planned […]


Get Fresh With Ham

The first time I ever sat down to a meal of fresh ham, an invisible question mark hung over my head the whole time.  The name alone was a contradiction.  Hams are cured and sometimes aged.  Maybe that was it–the thing might be injected with solution, then released for sale immediately, I thought.  Or, maybe, […]


King of Clubs

There have been books upon books written about sandwiches.  I even watched a show on PBS about nothing but sandwiches across this nation.  It proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a hand-held meal. My childhood was filled with lots of sandwiches; bologna, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, pimento cheese […]

The Magnificent Meatloaf

Meatloaf ranks in the top five of America’s favorite comfort foods.  It is usually accompanied with one of the other two on the list; either mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.  There must be a million ways to prepare meatloaf; some good, some great and some just plain awful.  I’ve had them all. Meatloaf has European origins all […]