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Sushi and Saki at Mr. Chopsticks

The truth be known, I probably pulled up roots, sold the farm and moved to Denton just so I would be in the same neighborhood and within walking distance of Mr. Chopsticks.  It was love at first bite, so many years ago. This wonderful restaurant is billed as Pan Asian, which is defined as a […]

Denton Eats

Denton, Texas is a well-fed town.  With a population of over 100,000 citizens plus around 50,00  students at the two universities, Denton has to step up and offer choice grub to a hungry population.  It is also a destination for an assortment of events during the year, so visitors from all over the world come […]


Rusty Taco

After spending the morning and half the afternoon blending spices, I was ready for something really good, but really fast.  A grab-and-go home style type of lunch.  Usually, “good” and “fast” never equate when it comes to food.  We associate the label “good” with meals that take some time to prepare.  And “fast”?  Well, you […]