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10 Spices That Will Make You A Better Cook

This week on Facebook, I started a daily series to span the next two weeks.  It will showcase the ten best spices to have in your pantry.  Every day will feature one particular spice, highlighting it’s many uses to demonstrate why it will make you a better cook. Every spice merchant will have a different […]

A Spice Blend for All Seasons

Named after one of several small towns in Denton County, Texas, Ponder Pumpkin Pie Spice is a versatile blend, featuring Vietnamese cinnamon and ginger blended with allspice, cloves and nutmeg.  This potent blend is made from organic ingredients with no additives, fillers, salt or sugar.  Replace the list of spices called for in your favorite […]


Golden Chicken Spice Seasoning Blend

Golden Chicken Spice is a flavorful seasoning for poultry of any kind, and also pork.  It seasons eggs, potatoes and vegetable casseroles as well.  When stirred into a cream sauce for chicken or vegetables, it produces a rich, golden gravy. Made of organic ingredients including coriander seed powder, garlic granules, sweet paprika, fenugreek seed powder, […]

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Facts

When it comes to good ole cinnamon these days, there is a lot of confusion and plenty of buzz words to trip up the shopper when going out to purchase good quality cinnamon.  With all the cooking shows, celebrity chefs and health gurus talking about their favorite cinnamon, not enough information is provided to guide […]

A Culinary Marriage

EAST MEETS WEST seasoning is an unusual blend to find on the market; yet, the combination of Asian spices and European herbs is nothing new.  Eastern Europe was a culinary mid-point in the history of cuisines and the spice trade.  Arab traders brought exotic, aromatic spices Westward where they were gradually added to the spice […]


Hungarian Goulash Spice Blend

Hungarian Goulash Blend is a versatile mix of Eastern European spices and herbs that have been used for centuries in that part of the world, and will complement meats, vegetables and beans in your 21st Century kitchen. Used in braised meats and rich stews, the cuisine of the Balkans, Hungary and Czechoslavakia come to life […]

Salt of the Earth

Salt is essential to life on this planet.  Without salt, we would die.  Much is being said about salt these days, creating much bad press for something that is so very important to every living organism on this planet.  Human consumption of salt is at far greater levels than we should be taking in, though.  […]

Love in a Mist in Denton

There is a lovely garden in my neighborhood that has a bountiful selection of shrubs and flowers.  I pass it every time I walk to the square or to my bank.  Even though I have passed this garden countless times over the years, there is usually something new to discover. A  Magnolia soulangiana anchors this corner […]


Rack ’em Up!

Every week, someone asks me one of two questions:  “Candy, what do you store your spices in?” or, “Candy, what does your spice rack look like?”  So, here is a picture of my spice rack!  It stands 4 feet tall and is almost 20 inches wide.  It isn’t very deep, which makes it perfect for […]

Star Anise

This month’s star on the spice rack is Star Anise.  With today’s celebrity chefs introducing us to foods and ingredients we’ve never heard of before, most people in America have heard of star anise.  It’s use in our kitchens is growing, especially with healthier diets leading the way to changes in our kitchens.  Star anise […]