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Anise Seed, Whole (Organic)



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Pimpinella anisum

Related to carrots, this lovely annual plant is native to Asia and northern Africa.  It has a sweet and aromatic flavor, similar to fennel.

The whole seeds may be crushed or used whole in countless dishes.

*Sprinkle on top of baked goods before placing in the oven; may also add to the dough.

*Add to soup stocks for fish and shrimp; include with the other spices and aromatics in court-bouillon for fish stews.

*Place in the cooking liquid of roasted and braised meats.

*Flavor sauces and butter for meat, fish and vegetables.

*Simmer in cooked fruit dishes, pies and jellies.

*Add to homemade pickles, relishes and chutney.

*Crush and add to fresh fruit salad.

*Flavor homemade liqueurs.


RECIPE:  Angelica Liqueur


2 teaspoons WHOLE ANISE SEED


3 tablespoons minced crystalized angelica stems

1 cup white sugar

1 bottle good quality vodka

Crush the spice seeds with the back of a skillet or the flat side of a meat tenderizer.  Place seed, angelica and sugar into a 1-quart jar.  Pour in the vodka until the jar is full; cap loosely.  Place in a sunny window for 2 weeks; swirl now and again.

Strain well and place in a sterilized jar or bottle and seal tightly.  Place in the pantry and leave for 4 months before serving.

*Best served after meals as a digestive.

*Use as you would vanilla extract to flavor baked goods.

Yield:  1 quart liqueur


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Weight 2 oz
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